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New Client Organizer

This past October we all felt scrambled as Hurricane Matthew barreled toward our coast. Thankfully it did not hit us as catastrophically as was expected, but it did point out our need for organization and preparedness. It was during this chaos that the idea to create a Client Organizer was born.

The purpose of this Organizer is to centralize the oftentimes overwhelming amount of information that we are all tasked with managing into one, easy to use document. It is divided into six sections grouped on topics that we feel are important to our work in assisting you manage your personal affairs: Personal Information, Storage and Safekeeping, Final Arrangements, Financial Information, Medical Information, and Personal History.

While the Organizer is not at all required, we highly recommend it as a tool to keep track of your different passwords and papers, advisers and ailments. The more that you fill out, the easier it will be for us to help you remain organized in managing your affairs. We encourage you to share access to these documents with your family members as well so that they too may be prepared in the event that calamity strikes.

You may pick up a hard copy of the Organizer in our office, or simply hover over the "Clients" drop down menu and click "Client Organizer" to be directed to a fillable pdf version. Once you have completed a section, you may email us a PDF, mail us a hard copy, or bring the papers directly to our office.

We hope, and believe, that you will find this Organizer to be well worth your time. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you have along the way.

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